Advice for new mums

When Amarin Baby and Kids reached out and asked me to write about the advice I would give to recent postpartum mums, I did what any reasonable person would do and took to google“การดูแลตัวเองของคุณแม่หลังคลอด” (translation: Postpartum care for mums) because the post was supposed to be in Thai.  Most advice I found was based around the mother’s physical wellbeing i.e Ufai*,C-section recovery, lactation tips and so forth, all of which are important, but I think what’s equally important is the mother’s emotional wellbeing. So here’s the advice I’d like to add:


1. Don’t feel guilty to ask for help – “It takes a village to raise a child” an African proverb which means that a child’s upbringing is a communal effort.  It doesn’t mean that you’re less as a mum if you look to other people for help

2. Don’t feel guilty to nurture yourself – Make space for your own needs and recharge your battery’s each day by doing something you want i.e go exercise, or simply having a time to yourself.  You will wear yourself thin if you do not do this. A mother also needs her downtime and it doesn’t mean you’re selfish

3. Don’t forget your relationship with your husband – Your relationship was probably the main reason that made you want to take a plunge and build a family in the first place. Remember to pay attention to your relationship, it will change and evolve, but you need to do this as a team

4. Don’t worry about your weight – Many mums expect to lose all the weight they gained within the short time following birth. However, what you should be more concerned about is fueling your body with healthy and nourishing food choices especially if you’re a breastfeeding mum

5. Don’t worry about being a perfect mother – We all do what we believe is best for our children.  Therefore, all the advice you receive from your family and friends, are the advice they believe is the best.  However, it may not be what you believe, and it doesn’t mean someone is right and someone is wrong. Parenthood is an art and not an exact science. Find your own version that feels right and works for you.

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