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Best lessons I’ve learned about exercise and nutrition

Lesson 1: Fat cannot change to muscle, and muscle cannot change to fat It’s a [...]


One minute you read “eat high protein, low carbs to lose weight”, next “go on [...]

How “heavy” lifting can protect muscle mass and help you lose weight

First of all, “heavy” is a relative term. We all start at different fitness levels. [...]

Winning New Year Resolutions Forever!

New Year is often the time for a fresh beginning where we make goals to [...]

Snacks – What’s good for your child is good for you!

We all aim to eat well and follow a healthy diet. Having healthy snacks can [...]

Holiday Season Special: My buffet plan of attack!

With all the travelling and celebrations, my usual routine also gets thrown out the window, [...]

Is self-care selfish?

By Gale Ruttanaphon When I gave birth to Vivian and made the transition to motherhood [...]

Advice for new mums

When Amarin Baby and Kids reached out and asked me to write about the advice [...]