Wellness program for every mums!

Welcome to the My Mummy First wellness program! I call my program wellness because it’s a self-care program that will make you feel ‘well’ physically, nutritionally, and mentally.  This program is not an exercise program, or a weight loss diet program, or a self-help program – it is a program that combines all of these elements.  Although, when you really embrace the My Mummy First program’s underlying concept of long-term self-care you tend to:

  • Enjoy exercise, because it makes you feel stronger
  • Move your body more, because the movement energizes you
  • Lose weight, because you’re moving more, eating better, and more in tune with your body’s hunger and fullness level
  • Recognize that your self-care is also important and necessary for your family’s wellbeing

It is the holistic combination of fitness, nutrition and self-care support that will enable you to make a lasting change.  Motherhood is a life changing event – Your shape, your life, and even your outlook in life will never be the same, but it’s not to say that it cannot be better! I will help you succeed whether your goal is to lose weight, develop strength, or become even stronger postpartum!