What to expect in the My Mummy First program:

My program is broken down into 3 main components: Fitness, Nutrition and Self-care Support.

  • Fitness:
    • Workout Videos:
      In this program, you will have access on a variety of diastasis recti-safe workout videos such a barre, resistance and cardio programs designed with your fitness level, postpartum recovery readiness and preference in mind.                                                                                                                               You can use the fitness level: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced as a guide based on how you feel on a particular day as well. Our energy level is different day to day, it may be lower on the day you didn’t get enough sleep or feel more stressed out, and higher on the day you’re feeling strong and recharged. So you might typically choose an Intermediate program but on the day you’re not up for it opt for a Beginner program.
    • Daily Movement:
      I want to encourage you to move and live a more active lifestyle as well.  You may only have time for 30 minutes to 1 hour of exercise a day, but it’s the movement in the remaining hours of the day that will make the biggest difference to your health and your waistline in the long run.
  • Nutrition:
    • Yummy healthy recipes:
      You are what you eat! I found this to be very true.  Apart from the main benefits of having full control over what you eat, as you determine what goes into your meals, cooking your own meal is also a part of an educational process.  It allows you to:
      • Learn how to cook yummy healthy meals, something you can continue to do long after you complete the My Mummy First program.
      • Learn about food portions that satisfy you, which you can also apply to when you eat out. 
    • The shift from the diet mentality:
      The My Mummy First program is about long-term self-care, it is not about short-term weight loss.  As you will see, the recipes are real food, not diet food.  The recipes you find here use butter, cream, oil, sugar, and do not cut out a particular food group. That’s because food should be about enjoyment as much as sustenance.  You can eat everything, but the key is to eat mindfully. 
    • Portion Guide: 
      As a general rule, for the My Mummy First program, a portion of protein and cooked carbohydrate is about 100-120g, moderate amount of fat and sugar, and a generous portion of vegetables! However, through the program you will learn about mindful eating which will allow you to be more in tune with your hunger and fullness cues. This means on somedays a 100g of meat might not satisfy you and you will need to eat more, or someday a 100g of meat might be too much and you might not necessarily feel like finishing all of your food.

I know as a busy mum, it’s not always possible to cook every meal.  However, most of us will make time to cook for our children so you should not use this as an excuse! These recipes are real food, not ‘diet’ food so you will be able to cook these recipes and serve them to your family as well!

  • Self-Care Support:
    • Change the mind and the body will follow:
      Your mind is a powerful engine that can help or hinder you in your journey to ‘wellness’.  Here you will find a series of videos that will help you understand the thought patterns that have been holding you back and shift your mindset to embrace positive long-term changes.
    • Practical advice from the experts:
      I’ve enlisted other experts in their field’s to answer mum’s common burning problems from why you’re stuck in the diet-cycle, why you cannot stick to exercise, why you always lose motivation, how to get rid of postpartum problems like incontinence, mummy-tummy, and pelvic pain, and more.