PAN ROASTED SEABASS WITH MISO CREAM SAUCE FLUFFY GRAINS BOK CHOI SALAD ปลากระพงขาวย่างเสิร์ฟกับมิโซะครีมซอส ธัญพืชและสลัดกวางตุ้ง

Cookes in: 1 hr

Difficulty: Not too difficult

Serve: 2


Step 1:
300 g Sea Bass
Salt and black pepper as needed
10 g Vegetable Oil

Step 2:
30 g Garlic
8 g Vegetable Oil
20 g Soy Sauce
30 g Brown Sugar
50 g Miso
300 g Chicken Stock
100 g Cream
80 Butter

Step 3:
250 g Millets, cooked
250 g Quinoa, cooked

Step 4:
600 g Bok Choi
800 g Water
20 g Salt


Step 1. Season the fish with salt and pepper. Add oil in the pan, then add the fish, put a cover on the pan. Leave to fry around 2 mins per side.

Step 2: Add garlic and oil onto the pan, cook until light brown, strain off the oil. In a small sauce pan add soy sauce, brown sugar, miso, chick stock. Add crispy garlic, bring it up to a simmer for 10 minute, add cream.  Bring it back to boil, then blend all ingredients in a blender.  Return the liquid to saucepan and reduce the liquid to half. Turn off the heat add butter. Set aside.

Step 3. Cook the grains in salted water for 10-12 minutes each.

Step 4: Cook bok choi in salted water for 5 minutes, then shock in ice water. squeeze out all the liquid. Serve the fish over the cooked grains and bok choi on the side.