Francesca Gilli

I have never been a sporty kind of person. I’d rather lie on the couch to read a good book rather than go to the park or at the gym. This came from the fact that whenever I went to a gym, I never understood the long-term benefits of exercise and I did not find it fun. After my first pregnancy I was so busy with my son and my job that I neglected myself and stopped going to the gym altogether. When my son was 1.5 years old, we moved to Bangkok. I had to quit my job and was overwhelmed with the new city and spent many lazy afternoons at home, not doing much.

I decided I wanted to get fit again after an old lady offered her seat on the BTS thinking that I was pregnant. Several people on Expat Mummy Club, Facebook group recommended I get in touch with Gale so that I could train with her. I took part in one of the first pilot programmes of My Mummy First” that focuses on postnatal training. Gale had set up a comprehensive programme and the first sessions were more coaching sessions about my goals and objectives and they included a thorough discussion with a dietitian. In the beginning training was hard but Gale and her smile made it easier and it became natural to develop a routine. I started going to the gym twice a week in the morning, despite the fact that I hate waking up early. Attending group classes with other mums proved to be fun and it was a real turning point for me.

When the pilot programme ended, I kept going to classes at BASE where Gale also coaches and I even worked out with other trainers when Gale was on maternity leave. I started to enjoy exercising and felt good after classes. I even dared to enrol in the monthly gym challenge and ended up going to the gym every day to complete the challenge!

Thanks to Gale, I have overcome my reluctance to enter a gym and developed healthy habits and routines when it comes to eating and exercising.  I have learnt not to feel guilty when I eat the odd sweets or if I go for a fine dining date with my husband. I am now pregnant with my second child and I am looking forward to picking up soon my post-natal sessions with Gale.

Diana Chindaphorn

I found My Mummy First after searching for a program to help me get back into shape. I had gestational diabetes and preeclampsia during my pregnancy which forced me to slow down and skip the dessert! After being active most of my adult life, it was tough to lay low for almost a year. Three months after my c-section, I felt ready to get back into an active routine. Gale and her program were the perfect marriage of healthy meals and weekly training sessions. I was specifically looking for a program that would help me develop good eating habits again and help me get back into shape safely with diastasis recti (ab separation.) As a new mom, it was easy to put me last so I knew I needed an ‘excuse’ to have a few hours to myself. Gale’s program was a no-brainer for me; I had two balanced meals a day (+ dessert!) delivered and a thoughtful weekly workout session with Gale. The fact that I didn’t have to think about what to have for lunch or dinner was the best part. I enjoyed it so much, I continued the program for three months! Gale is an inspiring, considerate lady boss who saw a need for a wholesome program for moms and I’m happy to have had the opportunity to be a part of it! Thanks Gale!

Anindita Sarkar

I did my mummy first programme for 4 weeks which included daily meals, 4 sessions of personal training with Gale and two sessions with a trained dietitian. I was active during my pregnancy and was almost my pre-pregnancy weight after an emergency C-section. However, I took long time to heal and was not active for first 3 months after delivery. It was so strange to me that even after breastfeeding my weight increased consistently. I started regular walks in the evening, but nothing worked and it was making me frustrated. Nine months after my delivery, I could not fit into my wedding ring. I Joined “My Mummy First”. It would be wrong to say that my weight loss journey was a miracle. I lost weight slowly but consistently and did not slip back. It was a lifetime training for me. I learnt the basics of hunger cues and took up exercising as a regular routine (now I miss exercising when i don’t). Most importantly I have a friend Gale who is truly an inspiring mom to me who has been very supportive and kind. I am happy to share that on my son’s first birthday I was not only back to my pre-pregnancy weight, I was 1.5 kg lesser. I feel more energetic and happy now. Thanks to “My Mummy First”.

Amy Sawitta Lefevre

Post-delivery I had completely neglected exercise and I wasn’t thinking too much about what I ate. I found MMF a year after my son’s birth. Gale got me interested in fitness again and got me thinking about how I’m feeding not only my family but myself as well. After one month of MMF my abs are tighter and I’m on my way to achieving my pre-baby body. My Mummy First is a great program for mothers who keep making excuses not to eat well or go to the gym!

Lia Segall Pasternak

I did my mummy first four week program and I loved it! The simplicity of it is the best, as a busy mum of two I barely have time to think about myself and I was really struggling with post partum weight loss, I ended up loosing almost three kilo and very happy about the overall feeling, I was happy and energetic all the time. Oh, and Gale makes it so much fun! Definitely recommend it.

Simona Kertesz

After being on modified bed rest since week 21 of my pregnancy, I was so ready to start being active again, but also not quite sure how to do so safely. Luckily someone recommended MMF and Gale to me. Right away I knew I was in good hands. Gale is a true gem. She listened to what I was looking for and developed a program for me that had just the right balance of being do-able for someone who had not done anything more than walking in about 6 months, while still pushing me to the point where I was working hard and making progress (but without being too sore to pick up my little one the next day). I look forward to continuing training with Gale after my summer holidays…. if I could train with Gale every day I would in a heartbeat.