The Reboot

Designed for you to be your best. And stay there.

The Reboot

Designed for busy mum’s to be, and stay, at their best.

A twelve week bespoke program for mums designed to reboot to your best self. Covering mind, body, and soul to keep you fit, healthy, and resilient.

Who’s Taking Care of You?

Gale is an ACE certified fitness instructor who specialises in pre and postnatal care. She’s also a certified Precision Nutrition and Life Coach..

The Program:

  • Based on a holistic approach to wellness- combining nutrition principles and mindfulness lessons, with physical exercises.
  • Intimate bespoke guided classes where you will be supported by your coach throughout the journey.
  • Designed to harness the power of the group to create shared learning, friendship and accountability.
  • Created for mums. Our sessions are time efficient and effective, with practical actions and steps that link to your intrinsic motivations.
  • Focused on a long-term sustainable style of living. We believe that healthy living is fun and enjoyable.

This is not an app.

  • We don’t just focus on one aspect of health we include the full spectrum – fitness, nutrition and mindfulness.
  • We’re not a library full of videos for you to navigate through on your own.
  • You’re not just another user and subscriber. You will never feel alone on your journey.
  • Consistent effort will be required. Would you try to shortcut your child’s education?
  • We are not about short-term quick fixes. Instead, we empower you with knowledge, so you feel confident to make your own choices with guidance.

The Reboot is designed for mums wanting to learn, share and connect.

During the program, you will be surrounded by a supportive community while you get to know yourself deeply, learn about nutrition concepts and tools to cultivate your intuition around food, become stronger physically and mentally.  By the end of the course you will feel empowered to maintain healthy habits over the long term.


24-HOUR LIVE GROUP LESSION (1x 2hr per week)
Support throughout the duration of the program
schedule a free one on one consult

The Pressure

Today, with the prevalence of social media, we’re bombarded with images of the “perfect mum”. With so much information out there, it’s overwhelming and difficult to know what to do. The media tells us what we should eat, how we should exercise, and what kind of mum we need to be.

We feel the pressure, we feel we’re not measuring up, and we begin to doubt ourselves. It slowly chips away at our self-confidence, as we slowly lose control. We never get to feel happy because we don’t feel good enough.

We either obsess about weight loss or resign ourselves to do nothing. For some, food and exercise become a burden, like a bad medicine you have to take. For others, the prospect of looking and feeling great seems unachievable.

If this is YOU, you’re not alone.


“I can truly say that reaching out to her is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life.”

It’s been 9 months since I first started training with Gale and I can truly say that reaching out to her is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life. Through a series of fitness and life coaching sessions, she helped me understand what it was that kept me from achieving my goals, what made me feel “stuck”. She taught me to listen to myself and my body more, and guided me towards the steps I needed to slowly get back on my journey of becoming stronger again, both physically and mentally.

Fitness and life coaching sessions go so naturally hand in hand through Gale’s program. Her approach is so all-encompassing, that it is impossible to separate the two. What I love about Gale’s style is she never provides you with answers to your questions— she helps you recognize the answers you’ve known all along. She pushes you by making things fun. 

In the last months, I’ve developed a better attitude towards balanced and mindful eating, allowing myself indulgences while also knowing I am capable of busting those calories off because of the strength I have regained. I have never felt more in control of my body. As a mom to two daughters, I know I am setting an example to them by showing up for myself 3 times a week, working out not to be thinner but to be stronger. By pushing myself physically, I have seen how much stronger I can be, too, mentally. I’m able to do this without feeling any guilt of being too far away, as I can do it in the comfort and convenience of our home, together with a group of other ladies who never mind it when one (or both) of my kids decide to crash our Zoom workout! Our small virtual group, despite not knowing each other in person, have created a sense of community online, keeping everyone accountable. It’s amazing how we’ve built this connection by exercising together, and by simply showing up with our own willingness and energy.

Thank you for putting my life back on track Gale! I’m so excited to witness the kind of change you will make in many more women’s lives!

Reginne Donoghue, Bangkok Thailand

“The mum community reminds me that we are all in this together, and it takes a village to raise a family. These ladies are part of my village.”

I’m the kind mum who says yes to everything and puts herself last like many of us. I had been following Gale’s journey via instagram and totally agreed with everything she posted but never managed to actually put myself first. Gale asked me to join one of her zoom classes just for fun and I couldn’t be happier the yes me said yes!

I now have a committed block of time for me, the exercise gives me the energy boost I need to get through the day. The commitment makes me feel like I have achieved something just for me, and the mum community reminds me that we are all in this together, and it takes a village to raise a family. These ladies are part of my village.

I have tried other zoom workouts before but Gale is different. She has this way of making you feel like you’re all in the room together and she spends a lot of time checking your movements and talking you through any adjustments. If I had to leave my house for this 45min, honestly I wouldn’t do it. However because of zoom, I get my workout at home, the kids are happy as I’m right there and it’s not too long for them and because it’s recorded if things don’t go to plan it’s easy to catch up.

The unexpected element that has come out of training with Gale is my change in mindset.  Yes, I’m fitter and stronger, and have more energy, but also her journey has been inspirational to me and has me thinking about what else I would like to do for myself.  This is a noticeable shift for me as I don’t often get the time to think about myself. I’m now thinking about what I would like to study, do and create for myself and how I have a place outside being just a Mum. 

If you’re thinking about joining please give it a go you won’t be disappointed.

Felicity Joseph, Sydney Australia

“In just 5 sessions with Gale, I discovered, prioritized, and tackled tasks that align me to my higher purpose.”

Gale has been instrumental and inspirational to me on my journey of wellness, physical and mental.  

Though her workout program started out challenging, I faced my fears, progressed, and am currently loving my elevated fitness level.  Her ability to meet me where I was physically (with regression exercise options) and challenge me (without screaming like a lunatic boot camp sergeant) where I slacked, was her magic pill!   Working out with Gale and the others on Zoom didn’t feel any different than being in the gym.  Except I had the convenience of not ever leaving my bedroom (love the time efficiency) and the immense support of my workout group ladies (through our WhatsApp group) who keep me accountable, excited, and inspired for the workouts (Live or not).  Having Gale on my phone / computer screen was akin to having her next to me, spotting my every movement and challenging me to push beyond my (perceived) limits each time.  Her variety kept me coming back for more. Her expertise steered away my fears of injuries.  And her passion fueled my energy, even as I shook to my core doing exercises involving plank positions.

Mentally, through Gale’s non-judgmental questionings in our private coaching sessions, I became more confident in my business decisions.  Her on-point questioning and ability to listen to the emotions in my words enabled me to take charge, prioritize and act on what are important and authentic to me.  Her ability to listen with compassion felt through silence and to only interject with questions delivering “ah ha” moments, took me on a self discovery journey that peeled many layers of factors (unbeknownst at my conscious level) that separated me from my deepest desires.  Gale is caring but doesn’t let grief / fear swallow us whole. Her “let’s do this” demeanor is so energizing that it helped me bulldoze through the bull shit I had often smoke-screened myself with due to doubt and fear.

Cecilia Yu, Bangkok Thailand


  • WEEKLY Zoom Live 2-Hr Group classes every Tuesday pm, where I’ll share my nutrition and exercise system so you can apply it in real life. This Live Zoom class will harness the power of the group to create shared learnings, connections, insights, breakthroughs, and accountability.  If you miss the live session, you can follow the recorded video at your own pace.
  • 3 Times WEEKLY Zoom Live Workouts every Monday, Wednesday, Friday am,having fun and staying accountable while working out with other like-minded mums from the comfort of your own home.
  • DAILY WhatsApp Q&A with me – When you have a support person that keeps you accountable, you are more likely to form healthy habits that will last a lifetime.
  • A supportive Facebook Community – Get connected, share stories, learn from one another, experience the level of support and the true meaning of sisterhood.

The total cost of the program is 1,997 USD. Throughout the duration of the program, you will have over 24 hours of Live Class time every Tuesday, 36 hours of Live Workout every Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Outside class time you will have access to me through WhatsApp.  This program goes beyond exercise, we will be doing the kind of internal work you need to do for you to unblock what’s holding you back from getting all that you really want from life. We’ll go through a combination of lectures, group coaching, mentoring and other disciplines to make sure that by the time you finish this program you feel stronger and more confident whatever life throws your way. A short personal training program or a few hours working with a life coach would set you back much more than that. 

I also offer monthly payment plans to make it easier for every woman who is serious about it to be able to afford it.  You have to ask yourself what does it take for you to say “Yes” to yourself. 

Yes, you can as long as you’re open minded and willing to be a part of this safe space for mums.Be warned you will be hearing a lot about motherhood, screaming kids and meltdowns. 

Only you can answer this question.  It will depend on what you are willing to do differently. How much are you willing to apply the knowledge you learn from this course? I will give you different tools you will need to succeed, your willingness to apply the knowledge and use the tools will ultimately decide how much weight you will lose. 

However, the pictures below are images of my clients who are now living a lighter, happier, stronger life.

The Mummy Reboot is not only for those looking to lose physical weight, but also those looking to lose “mental weight”.If you’re looking to lose the baggage of self-sabotage, toxic thoughts, and any burden you carry inside, this program is for you.The problem may not always be how we want to look, but what we crave to feel – stronger, happier, more confident.

All sessions will be recorded.You will be able to go back and rewatch the missed sessions at your own pace.However, what differentiates The Mummy Reboot program from other programs is the Live component where you can ask questions that come up in the moment, share, connect, and learn from one another in real time.

I want you to be happy and get something valuable out of the program. If you find this program is not for you I would gladly give you 100% refund within the first 30 days.The only condition is that you attend every Live class (not Live workout). This means the last day you’re eligible for a full refund for the January 2021 program is Wed 10, Feb 2021.You can contact me any time to discuss a refund.

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